Reckless Love: why words DO matter

One word. That’s all it is. Does one word in a song erase the value of all the others? In the case of Reckless Love by Corey Ashby I think that, sadly, yes it does. And here’s why…

Reason #1: it’s an inappropriate word to describe God
Just for context, any argument about Corey’s explanation for why Reckless is an appropriate word should be immediately ruled out in this debate. Why? Because 99% of people will hear this song without any concept of what he means by the lyric and will make up their own mind, likely wrongly.

Lyrics, especially in songs used in church, must be clear without explanation.

So, look up the word reckless on Google. Any Google search or dictionary will likely return the same definition, which isn’t really Corey’s definition strangely:

Reckless: adjective: heedless of danger or the consequences of one’s actions, rash or impetuous, rash, careless, thoughtless, incautious, heedless, unheeding, inattentive,hasty, overhasty, impetuous, impulsive, daredevil, devil-may-care, hot-headed.

Reason #2: the common definition is highly negative
Now, you may say Corey meant it in the context of the first description: heedless of danger of the consequences. He says that’s the case. But the fact is, the vast majority of people relate to reckless in the context of bad driving and all the other descriptions, including, interestingly, two that refer to the devil!

Ask anyone on the street what reckless means and the answer will unlikely be to relate it to something GOOD or all-seeing and all powerful and righteous.

Personally, I’d relate it to thoughtlessness and rebellion – again, something the Bible relates to Satan, not God.

Should we even risk calling God reckless in a worship song, regardless of our intention? Considering he is a fearsome God and our father, I suggest not.

Reason #3: is is totally unnecessary
Believe me, I rarely have problems with the lyrics of songs or pull them apart, but increasingly, there are issues that can’t be brushed over.

We should expect this, because the Christian music scene is not only owned by the world for profit and business, but it contains worship bands from apostate or prosperity gospel churches such as Bethel, Elevation and Hillsong.

Some are less blatant than others (several songs from all these churches seem annointed and I have no problem with them) but, because of their questionable teachings and connections to money and business, we need to be wary.

The reason Reckless is particularly problematic for me is because the word was clearly chosen to be clever, cool and to create controversy and debate to sell records.

Compromise truth and risk offending God for sales and fame? Not sure that’s a good idea.

If you simply swapped it with fearless, awesome, selfless, endless, or several other perfectly appropriate words it would describe God’s love. Wouldn’t shock or be cool though, so they went for the controversy card.

Being challenged is fine, but not when it is based on a lie.

Reason #4: building a false picture of God
But it’s just one word… Yes, but it is more step on the road to creating a fake Jesus and a fake Yahweh. A God with a strangely OPPOSITE nature to the God of the Bible.

As I said in my blog on the song Insatiable, re-badging Jesus as a sensual lover who chases after us longingly like a love-sick puppy and who is reckless and willing to throw everything away in a reckless, emotional moment, is simply wrong.

While my main problem with reckless love is the word reckless, the song does also fall into this trap of creating an image of God endlessly chasing us around because he thinks we’re awesome.

Well, get this… he has his limits! At some point you need to repent and come home because Jesus and the apostles and the prophets don’t just sell a happy, loving message – none of us know when our time will run out!! God will not always wait for you forever if you continually chase the world and reject him.

Reason #5: origins
But does the word Reckless really matter? Well, many Christian friends don’t think so, but then I saw a response from a Christian on social media telling someone to continue ‘being reckless for Jesus’.

Really?? Yes. This shows how the deception is working. Young people are being told these things by members of NAR and other false churches, including Bethel and IHOP where Corey comes from:

1) You are awesome (no you are a sinner saved by grace)
2) God needs you to change the world (no he doesn’t, he is all powerful)
3) You are the generation that will bring God’s kingdom to Earth (no, God will)
4) You must do reckless, different things and swap the Bible for action.

These things together are toxic. They create a generation of Christians focused on THEMSELVES not God. Wanting to do reckless things.

Sure, the previous generations haven’t been great. Religion and customs have been allowed to become more important than God. But what is happening here is the fall into the other extreme and, guess what, it’s being led by rich superstars and worship leaders who are too young in their faith and impressionable to be in their global positions of power them hold: people who often look more like the world than the world itself.

Yes, be FEARLESS for Jesus, but don’t be reckless. Recklessness is the force behind Satan, Adam, Eve, Judas. Not God.

Reason #6: where is it leading?
The creation of this fake Jesus and a generation so frustrated by the failings of the past that it rebels is not accidental.

A perfect storm is being created. Worldly love is being preached and, in essence, it seems good. Hate and intolerance abounds.

Young people yearn to break up the old views and ‘reset’ things to a world where ‘anything goes’.

The only issue? That world is more like Babylon than heaven on earth.

What’s bizarre is that nobody seems to have noticed that the people behind this fake unity movement and pushing the new generation towards it are absolute bastions of the worst false teachings and most religious, genocidal movements in history.

The Pope is of course the big driver of world peace and unity and his church has killed more Christians and non Christians and continues to commit atrocities, all the way up the present day.

It is also the most religious spirited organisation, likely in the world and shows no sign of changing that, bar saying the right words now and again.

And yet, the Pope is teaming up with charismatics and pentecostals and the Anglican church for Alpha, Reset, Together, Hillsong, etc preaching a ‘let’s lay down our religion and come together’ gospel.

All the time, his church clings and will never let go of its vast heretical religious beliefs that originate from Babylon.

Also, when we know as Christians (I hope) that Jesus is the ONLY way, the Pope is preaching several routes to God, including atheism and other fake religions.

On the protestant side, we have mega-rich preachers who love riches over God telling us God wants us to unify with the Catholic Church. Bethel, Copeland, Baker, Alpha, Nicky Gumbel, and many, many others.

This, my friends, is unity in error. Unity in MAN not God. Shared Humanity, not shared unity in Christ. Waving a rainbow flag that represents God’s pact not to flood the Earth again, sadly unaware that next time he will burn it with righteous judgement and fire.

Do not be fooled brothers and sisters. Even when the Pope and others tell you that you must take risks and be reckless! Be fearless in spreading the true gospel, yes, but don’t be a rebel with no fears of the consequences like Satan.

In his address to Together 2018, a unity event in Washington, D.C, Pope Francis said the ‘restlessness’ young people felt within was the Holy Spirit.

No, Pope Francis, restlessness is for the unsaved. The Holy Spirit is the feeling of REST we feel in Christ. The Bible says the opposite of what Pope Francis says (surprise surprise): there will be no rest for the unsaved.

FOOTNOTES/DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a hater, far from it, I love the church of Christ, my brothers and sisters in Christ and all who need him. I write this in love as Paul might write with warnings to the churches. I am not judging you or anyone mentioned in this post, that is between you and your God. I am not jealous of Christian music artists success, I acknowledge that, hopefully, their music will bring people, whether initially or later, to a true relationship with Christ. If so and if it is the real Jesus of the gospel, fantastic, but check everything via scripture. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit who guides us and fills us with the gifts as God allocates, not all to all, but some with prophesy, some with tongues, some with other gifts and, perhaps most importantly, gentleness, patience, love, caring, self control. I do not pull apart every Christian song. I do not hate these churches or people, I do not claim to be better than anyone, I am a helpless sinner made pure only by the blood of Jesus. I am not saying people mentioned in this post or organisations do not or have not done any good work, are not necessarily nice people or that they are necessarily knowingly deceiving people. What I do ask is that you do not fall into the trap the chosen people did at the time of Jesus and harden your heart to things you don’t want to know because you feel guilt or because you like someone or like a particular song. View things openly, consult scripture and let it be your guide. Check everything, but enjoy the love and freedom bought by the real Christ.